Month: August 2018

POWER HOUR CLEAN WITH ME! Minimalist Living Room & Kitchen

It’s time for another power hour clean with me! Take a peek into what a minimalist living room and kitchen actually look like after my kids go down for naps. I also give you guys my secret to keeping a tidy home with toddlers! Interested In Essential Oils? Email Me : [email protected] ——————————————————— ABOUT ME ….  Read More

Minimalist Kitchen Tour

hey guys! This is my minimalist kitchen tour around my small kitchen These are my fave type of video to watch so I hope u like it! ⇨ If you like this types of videos, please subscribe!… . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ….  Read More

Minimalist Family of 8 | Kitchen Purge With KIDS Part 2

Minimalist Family of 8, Kitchen Purge with Kids Continues! Just like the doctor tells us bruises get worse before they get better! I am hoping this principle applies to my kitchen as well! If you loved the sticker idea for your kids here are some really cool superhero stickers to get: Wonder Woman: Batman: ….  Read More

KITCHEN ORGANIZING/minimalist kitchen organizing system/kitchen tour

This video show you what system we implemented to make our kitchen more efficient after we decluttered. We organized our minimalist kitchen around our needs and I share all those organizing tips with you. Easier to clean and everything has a place to live, yet everything has an easy excess. I share some of my ….  Read More

MINIMALIST KITCHEN IN A DAY /clean with me motivation

Have you ever wondered what a minimalist kitchen looks like in a day, beyond the pretty pictures on Instagram? I was always curious what it’s like when it being used. Is the counter top always empty or is it full with stuff? Here’s an honest video for you. I only recorded the time I spent ….  Read More